May, it please(s)!

Wow. Lots of great stuff going on. First, I should mention that I've decided to write a few more songs before beginning pre-production on the next album. But based on what I've got so far, and the excellent people I have met out here in L.A., I'm very much looking forward to putting my shoulder to that particular wheel, when the time comes. In the meantime, a whole lotta things are going on! This month, especially. I'll be playing once solo and once with my band this month at the weekly series "Shmaqulin" in downtown L.A., sharing the bill with some really great bands like the mighty Blind Owl and the always-explosive Letters Home. Also, I'll be returning on May 10th to TopTune, The Songwriters Game, where I'll be paired with another songwriter to write a song in 17 minutes and perform it on the spot for a packed theater! I did this once before, and it was both terrifying and exhilarating. I can't wait to do it again!

In other good news, it's been announced that the short film "Wind Song" (featuring some of my tunes) will have its festival debut at The Duluth Superior Film Festival later this month. I'm so happy for everyone involved in that project! And I really like the thought of my songs ringing through theater speakers in Bob Dylan's hometown...

And, finally, the first edition of the album series "Locals Covering Locals" is nearing its release. This is a compilation album where Boston-based singer/songwriters cover a song of their choice, organized by the folks at Red Line Roots. I am thrilled and honored that the wonderful Dan Blakeslee covered one of my songs for this project. Dan is a huge inspiration to me and a magnificent talent. I hope some day to write songs as good as his! (Check out his new album project here.) He's also a fabulous visual artist too, a fact made plain by the artwork he's put together for the album, below. I can't wait to hear the whole album! So, lots of stuff going on! I'm excited for what lies ahead.