"misfit hymns" shall be released...

The new album is on the launchpad. Engines are beginning to fire, smoke is beginning to curl out from among the gears and boosters, and the pilot's eye is fixed on the wide expanse of blue above him. In plain English, the new record "misfit hymns" is being shot off into the universe, released now on bandcamp (http://jameshoulahan.bandcamp.com/album/misfit-hymns) and soon to be on CD Baby, iTunes, etc.

The show celebrating the release will be January 27, 2012, Friday, at PA's Lounge in Somerville. James will be joined by multiple guests, and will have a full band backing him up for much of the night. Also, Audrey Ryan and Little War Twins will be playing sets of their own. Check out their music here http://www.audreyryan.org/ and here http://www.reverbnation.com/littlewartwins! This night promises to be truly great! If you are in the area, be there.

Also, this website will be undergoing some much-needed changing, updating, etc. very soon. Check back for something new!