Memories of Outer Space




There’s a rumbling in my head

unspoken fire cast in lead

let’s call it a crime

that strays out of time

and we’ll feel better off instead


humble future bide my time

pleading mercy through design

let’s swallow the chase

that’s wearing a brute face

and choking on this bleeding sign


born to rise and

born to rise and

born to rise and

steal away


all the promise left in place

and all the whispers void of grace

while under the bed

there’s trouble ahead

far from the memory of outer space


now it’s a sign we cannot lie

when fever beckons asking why

we hoard all the waste

in terrible haste

and sink the dreams from out the sky



(From the album The Wheel Still In Spin)

music & lyrics by James Houlahan

published by Gumbo Luvah Music